Bieszczady: Wolosate -> Tarnica

Tarnica, which is 1346 meters height, is the highest peak in the Bieszczady Mountains is southern Poland. The shortest 2.5-hour approach trail to Tarnica leads from Wolosate village. This route is one of the most popular tourists trails in the region, because who would not be driven by the prospect of reaching the highest peak? Somewhere on the web you may even find photos from the May weekend of 2019, when the trail looked more like a crowded promenade than a mountain path. However, I prefer peace of mind and visit Bieszczady when everyone else is working. It is best to enjoy the nature when the others are not there.

This year's May is much colder than May 2018, hence in the pictures below you can see the remains of snow and ice covering the higher parts of the mountains. I truly enjoyed snowy Christmas trees in May :)

Click here to see the map and altitude profile.