Bieszczady: Wyznia Pass -> Polonina Wetlinska

You may start your Bieszczady adventure with one of the easiest routes, from the car park at Wyznia Pass to the Chatka Puchatka (Pooh's hut) in Polonina Wetlinska. Although the hike up is only 350 meters and the time indicated by the signposts is less than an hour and a half, the ascent guarantees unforgettable views: to the east you see Tarnica which is the highest Bieszczady peak, to the south Wielka Rawka massif, westwards the peaks of Roh and Osadzki Wierch. It is the combination of ease and fabulous views that make this route one of the most crowded Bieszczady trails. However, if the very approach to the meadows from the parking lot proves too easy for you, you may continue your walk to Smerek peak. Hurry up to see old Pooh's Hut; this shelter will soon be rebuilt, and this is probably one of the last places that has not changed its appearance for decades. Do not expect luxuries like electricity or running water here!

With a bit of luck on the trail, you may also meet a deer, or the most elegant and also the most inappropriately dressed tourists :) All the best to the young couple! To this day I wonder how were they able to get so high and that clean?

Click here to view the map and trail profile. And, as usually, I kindly ask you to view the photos on the big computer screen and not the tiny phone! :)