Bieszczady: Muczne -> Bukowe Berdo

The trail leading along the Bukowe Berdo ridge is considered to be the most beautiful of the Bieszczady trails. Although I will not quite agree with this, because it is difficult not to be delighted with the others like Polonina Wetlinska, it is a fact that the walk from Muczne makes an impression. During my mid-May trip it was pretty cold, windy, and the steepest part the ridge approach was covered with black and icy layer of snow. However, the blue trail leading through Szoltyn and PoĊ‚onina Dzwiniacka to the highest peak of the massif turned out to be fairy-tale, I felt as if I was in a little Tibet ;)

Click here to see the trail profile. You hike up 604 meters which is very similar to Wolosate to Tarnica trail. Walking time: minimum 4 hours, including the way back to Muczne. But for me it was well over 5 hours because I contemplated the landscape :)