Horse jumping

I finally fulfilled my little dream to photograph jumping competitions again. It's already been 10 years since I last photographed equestrian and I was curious if I learned to take better photos since then.

I took the following pictures at WLKS Krakus Swoszowice on a hot Sunday afternoon. My favorite photo is #4, which I took in a rather unusual way: the camera was lying on the grass aimed at an obstacle, while I was sitting a few meters away activating shutter with a mobile phone in which I had a live view. Or rather almost live view, because it was pretty laggy. As a result on most photos instead of a rider I am having only a horse's croup :) But photo #4 is exactly as I had imagined it before. And because it presents a different, rare perspective, and I worked on it that much, how could it not become my favorite picture of the day?

By the way, the inspiration to put the camera on the ground while still taking pictures came from a movie by Jamey Price'a.

If you are interested in equestrian and want to see such event live, visit where you will information on dozens of upcoming horse events, regardless of which part of Poland you live.