Polish Downhill Championships

Downhill is an extreme genre of mountain biking, in which competitors rush down steep mountain paths cut by faults, strewn with stones, roots and trunks of felled trees. Obviously the fastest wins, although the fastest one is not the one that is pedaling the fastest, but the one that breaks the least. Downhill is extremely dangerous, downhill speeds seem unreal at times. Watch this movie by Dawid Hubczyk with a camera placed on his helmet. Isn't that similar?

A curiosity: David's video linked above was recorded last Sunday during the Polish Downhill Championships 2019 in Wisla. In 2:36 of the movie and on the right side of the frame you may find me. Meanwhile, in the gallery below, the #409 athlete flying above the ground is Dawid; that was exactly the passage in which he shot this film. So we shot each other: David caught me in the movie, I caught him in the picture :)

Done with babbling, time for photos. Below is a selective photo review of the Polish Downhill Championships 2019.