Zywiec Beskids: Krowiarki pass -> Babia Gora

My end-of-summer challenge was to climb from Krowiarki Pass to Babia Gora (Witches' Mountain). This is highest peak of this part of the Carpathian Mountains, at 1725 metres above the sea level / yeah, not too demanding, but hey, I am IT expert, do not expect me to be fit ;) /

Because of the weather variability, the Babia Gora mountain is reportedly called the Mother of Bad Weather or Capricious, though on the day of my walk the sky was clear. Unofrutnately all blue sky and harsh sun are not the best friends of photography, making the photos very contrasty. A cloudy sky would certainly soften the light.

See the map with altitude profile. I highly recommend this route to anyone spending a few days in the neighbourhood and interested in nature attractions.