Church of Saints Peter and Paul the Apostles in Krakow

Built in XVII century and located in Krakow at Grodzka street, the baroque church of St. Piotr and Paweł is one of the best known churches in Krakow. At the front of the church there is a unique fence with statues of the apostles. The facade is decorated with sculptures of Jesuit saints. The interior of the church includes baroque altar and pulpit, and aisles with six chapels. In the basement of the church are the beginnings of the National Pantheon. Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek, writer Sławomir Mrożek and priest Piotr Skarga are buried here among the others.

Every Thursday at 10, 11 and 12 o'clock there are Foucault's pendulum shows in the church. It is for those who still live in the Middle Ages and claim that the Sun revolves around the Earth and the Earth is flat and resting on a turtle.

And speaking of photography, I could enjoy symmetry again.