Island Beskids: Kudlacze -> Lysina

Located at an altitude of 730 m a.s.l. Kudlacze mountain shelter is barely an hour's drive south of Krakow. It is an excellent starting point for early spring, when yout want to hike but you are yet out of shape: the mountain shelter is located high, but can almost be reached by car thus you do not need to climb. From the Kudlacze you can go to the nearby Lysina peak and Sucha Polana glade, or - more ambitiously - for a walk through the peaks of Kamiennik Poludnie, Kamiennik Polnoc and Dziadek to get back to the starting point in a 4 hours long loop. There are many route options to choose from, so everyone should be satisfied. After a break of several months, I chose the less ambitious option, but with the highest of the peaks.

Below there are photos from the first 2020, yet winter hike. And you know, the forest is beautiful, even in late winter.