Silesian Beskids: Bystra -> Szyndzielnia mnt.

To approach the Szyndzielnia summit we are starting at one of the small parking lots located at Juliana Falata Street in Bystra. It is along the Falata street where the green trail leads. The first section is a walk the street to the forest. Only when the asphalt road ends and we pass the forester's lodge does the proper climbing begin. This is where a wide, forest alley, on short sections led through ravines, begins. Initially it is quite flat, but a steeper approach quickly begins. In about 45 minuts we reach the Kolowrot pass, and this is where half the effort is already done. This is also where we finish the green trail and move to the yellow one. Watch out for cyclists, because the hiking trails cross with the downhills route here. Capturing a biker riding down is a challenge, and an excuse for a break to rest: "I did not get tired, I am not resting, I wanna have a sharp picture of the cyclist" ;) Next, from the Kolowrot pass and along the yellow trail we go straight ahead to mountain shelter. This part of the trail is led through a narrower path. Landscape visibility is still very limited, but the forest captivates. Finally, after about an hour and a half we reach the Szyndzielnia mountain shelter. This is one of the oldest stone mountain shelters in the Beskids, originally built at the end of the nineteenth century.

The pictures below show the rainy May, when the nature's green is particularly fresh, bright and intense. That day the rainy weather thwarted my plans and I could not approach Klimczok summit nearby ... but all is not lost that is delayed, and I hope to be back here soon.

Route length: 8.8 km. Total ascent: 543 m. The map and route profile is here.