Silesian Beskids: Bystra -> Szyndzielnia -> Klimczok -> Magura

Two days ago the weather ruined my plans and I stopped my journey on Szyndzielnia. Stubborn to climb Klimczok peak, I had to come to Bystra once again. The same parking lot, even the same parking space. This time, however, the weather forecast guaranteed a lot of sun and no rainfall. As it turned out later, the paths after the last rainfall were already dry as well. Beskids in the region of Bielsko-Biała are a whole network of intersecting trails, so there are no problems to get from Bystra to Szyndzielnia by other routes the second time. This time I chose the red trail to later pass the blue one, next to the Stefanka mountain shelter on the Kozia Gorka hill. Compared to the green trail from two days ago, the Szyndzielnia approach was longer, but it gave the opportunity to look at the panorama of the Bielsko-Biala city. After three hours long walk I arrived at Szyndzielnia mountain shelter, where after a moment of rest I began a further, easy walk to Klimczok peak. This section of the yellow trail is different: the alley is very wide, and in the vicinity of Klimczok as well as on Magura mountain the forest is heavily cut with destructive winds. There are panoramas of Szczyrk city and Zywieckie Lake from both Klimczok and Magura peaks. And above your head ... a glider flies ;)
I returned to Bystra along the red trail. It took me 6 hours to hike the whole loop. There were few tourists on a business day and the weather was perfect. After the walk, I am having new memories, new photos and a large dose of satisfaction.

Route length: 14.1 km. Total ascent: 858 m. The map and route profile can be found here.