Korbielow -> Pilsko mnt.

Hike from Korbielow village to Pilsko mountain I started from a car park located in the place where green trail separates from Szczyrbok street. The green trail is less popular than the yellow one, but it is led along the exposed ski slopes giving good visibility to Babia Gora mnt. and Tatra Mountains.
The trail starts with a rather sharp approach, after a few hundred meters I already wondered what happened to my shape? I climbed Klimczok a few days ago... But I was not the only one in quick fatigue, many hikers were taking breaks soon. The lack of trees, which I initially considered as an advantage, turned out to be a hindrance in the harsh sun. However, everyone was quickly overcoming crises, as the view of Babia Gora mountain was encouraging to continue the hike: "if there are such views here, what is it like up there?"
After just over 2 hours and along the green trail I approached Hala Miziowa glade. I was muddy, because after recent rains the forest path was not completely dry yet. Here at Hala Miziowa, near the mountain shelter, it was worth relaxing. The black trail leading further to the top is quite sharp, but again, largely led downhill slopes gives you the opportunity to admire the panorama of the surrounding mountains. After a break I continiued my walk to the peak. Now, from the perspective of the black trail, people scattered around the Hala Miziowa glade looked like colored sheeps. The ascent from the mountain shelter to the Pilsko peak on the Slovak side took just over an hour. The air transparency was not perfect, but the snowy peaks of the Tatra Mountains were pretty visible. And these patches of mountain pine! After all, Pilsko is the second highest peak in this area.

Some stats: route length 11.7 km, total climbs 896 m. Walking time: 4.5 h according to signs, but it's worth spending more time on the trail. The map is here.

Finally, a novelty: this is the first hike where I am tagging all the thumbnails with the GPS coordinates. So you can, for example, check where exactly I got muddy (second photo)... ;)