LSD in Koninki

LSD stands for a Local Series of Downhill, which is an annual series of bike mountain competitions. When on Saturday evening on the 43ride page I found information about the two-day long LSD competition in Koninki near Krakow, I immediately loaded the batteries into the charger: you can shoot sport again! I prepared myself as if I was going to mountain hike: good shoes, a backpack and water, lots of water. It was hot at the weekend, and the best spots for fans at downhil competitions are up the hill, often in the forest. And in fact, the track was reserved for contestants, and I had to wade steep climbs and break through the thicket. However, the prize was exceptional emotions built by cyclists rushing among the trees. Madness! It was also possible to shoot photos alone, because only a handful of supporters decided to climb. And those who went up the hill quickly dispersed along the entire length of the track.

Followig LSD events are coming later this year:

  1. July 18-19 in Zawoja
  2. September 26-27 in Wisla
  3. October 03-04 at Zar mnt.

See you there?