LSD in Zawoja

For several days it was going to be a very rainy Sunday according to weather forecasts. Since I knew it would rain at any moment, I had absolutely no desire to participate in the Local Series of Downhill a.k.a LSD event in Zawoja. But I decided to give the weather a last chance, and set the alarm clock for an early Sunday morning. Just to check the forecast for the last time. Imagine my surprise when on Sunday morning it suddently turned out that the weather took advantage of my offer! A more optimistic forecast convinced me to pack my gear and travel to the Mosorny Gron mountain.

It was worth coming to Zawoja, oh boy it was worth it! The bike trail on Mosorny Gron is largely led along the ski slope, so unlike the dense forest from Koninki where I have recently been shooting, you have a beautiful clearing overgrown with wild flowers. Although plenty of insects were biting me mercilessly for several hours, I was delighted with the event. I was photographing in good light and in the flowery scenery from any place and any position I wanted. The event atmosphere was great. Contestants were eager to pose, and up in the hill there were no other spectators! Even before the start of the actual competition, during training, I already managed to collect plenty of interesting photos. The trainings turned out to be an opportunity to see the competitors riding close together, one after another, which is rarely the case in proper competitions, when downhillers start at fairly long time intervals. Besides, the event was taking place near the beautiful Babia Gora mountain. What an amazing landscape!

I like to photograph downhill events, and two more are coming later this year:

  1. September 26-27 in Wisla
  2. October 3-4 at Zar mountain

Below there is a gallery of 15 selected photos. All the photos are tagged with GPS coordinates, so you can see where exactly I took each of them. I will share more photos soon, but now I'm done with this post because I am still scratching my insects' bites ... ;)