Gorce: Koninki -> Turbacz

During a trip to Turbacz peak, in one of the glades I came across a lizard basking in the sun. The pet looked a bit flustered, but patiently posed for a photo. It was so absorbed in modeling that did not even care being admired by a few other people who were soon standing close next to me. After a while, when I finished shooting, I slowly moved away to move on. Then I heard behind my back: "You know, it was probably a woman, because as soon as you finished photographing, she left." After returning home, I started looking for information about the lizard. It was a sand lizard, whose males are partially green. So yeah, it actually was a woman! Apparently "being in the picture" is a female interspecies urge? ;) Seriously though, sand lizards are very interesting reptiles. I recommend this Wikipedia article to your attention.

Here you may find my route map. There is no full loop marked on the map, because from the end point I went down to the parking lot via the ski slope, and unfortunately mapa-turystyczna.pl is unable to show such a way. The ski slope shortcut saved me a monotonous walk to the center of the village, but on the other hand it was a little challenging. It was steep and rocky, thus I got some bruises as I felt.

Total distance: 14.9 km, my hiking time: 6 h, total ascent: 809 m, step count: 23,000+.