Zywiec Beskids: Rycerka Gorna -> Wielka Racza -> Przegibek

First I overslept for an hour and a half, then I entered my destination incorrectly in the GPS and, to my surprise, I lost the correct way and got to Slovakia LOL. Overall at the parking lot in Rycerka Gorna-Kolonia village, at the foot of Wielka Racza mountain, I was just over 2 hours late. Bravo, I am a pretty talented traveler :)

The route leading from the Wielka Racza to the Przegibek pass captivated me for the first time years ago, when we were hiking with backpacks during our student days. But I did not remember much so this hiking was a rediscovery of the trail. The route from Wielka Racza to Przegibek is somewhat in a remote area and there are few places where you can see any buildings. From this perspective, it reminds me of the Bieszczady mountains. Also, at least by my standards, the loop is quite long. A walk of over 19 km gave me a hard time. Well, it gave me such a hard time that I had no remorse to spend the next day with Netflix. Is there anything that better justifies laziness in front of the TV? ;)

Route map is here. The numbers of this trip are: distance 19.3 km, total ascent 973 m, my hike time 8 h, step count 28,000+. And 4 liters of liquids that day, it was that hot. Oh, I will be happy to come back to these photos in winter!