Western Tatras: Siwa Polana -> Trzydniowianski Wierch

The Western Tatra mountains have recently seduced me. It is September, the weather is still favorable, so I could not resist the temptation to visit again one of the most beautiful mountains in Poland. I chose Trzydniowianski Wierch, a low by Tatra standards peak, to which the red trail from the Chocholowska Valley leads. I climbed it a less steep but longer trail that starts near the Chocholowska mountain shelter, and returned a shorter, steeper trail from the north side of the summit. The route was not difficult, though the last hundred meters of the ascent was steep and in full sun I had quite a crisis. But I like my mountain climbing crises. I can then sit down and look around the surrounding slopes and peaks through the camera's viewfinder.

From Trzydniowianski Wierch you can hardly see the peaks of High Tatras. In perfect weather, which was once again an ally of the few tourists that day, the panorama of the Western Tatras stretched all around. Especially the Konczysty Wierch peak attracted my attention. From the perspective of Trzydniowianski it seemed as if was within a stone's throw. But the days aren't that long anymore, and my condition is not so good that I could allow myself to hike for 2 hours more. However, attracted by Konczysty I could add it to the list of destinations for the following years. So I and the photo gear must keep in shape, although - as I hope you can see in the photos - I do not have to worry about the form of the latter ;)

By the way, it's really funny when the pedometer reports you are reaching your daily goal at 8:38 in the morning. After all, my business day alarm clock often rings at a similar time :)

The route map is here. The distance was 18.2 km, the total ascent was 912 m, my hiking time was 9 h and my step count was 30,000+.