Archcollegiate Church of St. Mary and St. Alexius

Located in Tum, nearby Lodz city in central Poland, the Archcollegiate Church of St. Mary and St. Alexius was erected in the 12th century. It is an example of religious architecture in the Romanesque style. It is the only church in Poland with the rank of Archcollegiate. Its story is wildly interesting but also tragic, suffice to say that during the centuries the church resisted the invasion of the Tatars, was captured by Lithuanians, Teutonic Knights, and during World War II also shelled by Polish artillery and bombed by the Germans.

However, apart from the interesting history, for me this church is a unique place also because it was the destination of my first photographic trip. It was in July 2002, right after I bought my first digital camera. This year my hobby has reached the age of majority! On this occasion, I announce a competition. The rules are simple: in the gallery of photos taken last month I also included one photo taken in 2002. Your task is to review the gallery and send me information which of the photos is 18 years old. Email me and I will reply if you have correctly figured it out. Prize? The reward will be your satisfaction with finding the photo. Well, what kind of gallery such a prize: virtual ;)